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Behind every great story lies the same principle: at the start there is a vision, a clear set of goals and expectations regarding the future. However, these stories only become relevant and relatable through the people who manage to turn their visions into reality.

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Olympic Gold: Globally there is no higher decoration for athletic excellence, perseverance, further validating her reputation as a top athlete. High performance sport is the stage, its spectator's omniscient, and their focus is trained on the athletes. On this stage every athlete must fight for their place in the spotlight. Here Julia Dujmovits has proven herself: as Woman of the Year, Female Athlete of the Year and as a personality with social responsibilities.

Pride: Against all odds. While most people try to asses their odds of success first, others simply go ahead and change the statistic. First ever Olympic Gold Medal for Austria in Snowboarding. First ever Olympic Gold for Burgenland in any sport.

Grit: Inner alignment leading into intuition opens up a way of high performance through letting go. It's freedom through growth - consciously creating.

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Edge: Feeling over logic - mind over matter. Merging high performance and a holistic lifestyle. As a world traveller, integrating ancient wisdom from outstanding teachers and applying it to sport and teaching.

Julia Dujmovits' life journey exemplifies the remarkable power of believing in one's inner strengths to turn visions and dreams into reality. Her ideas and thoughts are not only contagious but have also inspired many. From as early as age 11, this young girl from Burgenland harbored a dream: winning a gold medal at the Olympic Games. By age 13, she and her brother faced a profound challenge, surviving the Kaprun disaster—a tragic funicular railway accident that claimed their entire team. This harrowing event significantly shaped her.

Despite numerous setbacks, Julia's perseverance paid off when, in 2014, she achieved her dream by becoming the Olympic champion in snowboarding parallel slalom (PSL). In a bold move in 2018, Julia chose to end her snowboarding career during a live broadcast at the Olympic Games. Her journey didn't end there; it took her to places like India, Maui, and Alaska—a testament to her courage and trust in the process of letting go.

Julia went on to as entrepreneur and shared her wisdom as a yoga teacher and motivated others as a keynote speaker, eventually feeling a pull back towards professional sports—a domain many thought she had left for good. Critics often say that returning to elite sports after a break is impossible, but Julia's path has always been marked by its distinctiveness and surprise.

In an astounding comeback, she secured a bronze medal at the World Championships in 2021 after competing in just three World Cup races. In 2022, she led the Austrian Olympic team with grace and concluded her illustrious career with a World Cup victory and several podium finishes. Julia Dujmovits' story is a testament to the incredible feats possible when one follows their heart, persistently challenges the odds, and remains true to their unique path.

Olympic Gold Medalist, 2x Silver 1xBronze World Championships, Laureus Sport for Good Ambassador, Woman of the Year Austria